Books, Books, Books

With our lack of space and need to keep the weight down, I can’t carry all of the books I have accumulated over the years.DSC05896 For the past few months I have been paring them down and dividing them into four groups. The first is books that I can sell on eBay at a price that makes them worth taking along (that is a very small group). The second is books that aren’t worth much or easily found at yard sales and thrift shops, mass paperbacks in so-so condition and books in poor condition, etc. They are going to the flea market or Goodwill. The third group is books that I love, or have a special connection to such as my hardback Harry Potter series,159757487_harry-potter-complete-1-7-hardcover-paperback-set-tales-

the Little House on the Prairie series I had as a kid,laura-ingalls-wilder-little-house-books-1971-harper-trophy-book-blue-box-set-0b17523db74bbdc1b9f6aef5bc4b79e4

the Illustrated Da Vinci Code, my hardback 2nd printing of Betty Smith’s A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Talisman by Stephen King and Peter Straub, That Dark and Bloody River by Allan W. Eckert, my introduction to the history of the Ohio River Valley, and Undaunted Courage, which sparked my interest in the Lewis and Clark Expedition. These books and a few others are going to my mother’s house for safekeeping. The last group is books that are in good condition but not enough value to put on eBay. These I am taking to our local used bookstore, which takes trade in books for credit. Over the past few weeks I have accumulated a bit of credit, so today I used some on these two books by William Least Heat-Moon. DSC06968Since both books are about traveling the USA, I decided they were road appropriate. I recently finished a book by Least Heat-Moon, The River Horse, where he travels across the country by water. It was fascinating and illuminating, and I hope these two books, Here, There and Elsewhere and Roads to Quoz, are as good.


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