First Stop on the Road

​We are currently staying in Rutherford County, NC, situated between Asheville and Charlotte on the South Carolina border. Nestled in the foothills, the scenery in the county changes from gently rolling hills in the southeastern area to more mountainous terrain in the northwestern as it moves up into the South Mountain range. It is an area rich in history, active in the Revolution as the route taken by The Overmountain Men on their way to fight the British, ultimately culminating in the Battle of King’s Mountain; in the Civil War, eventually supplying nearly 2,000 troops to the Confederacy and suffering damage in April 1865 during Stoneman’s Raid; home of the first gold rush and the first mint, the Bechtler Mint, to coin gold dollars; the home of Amos Owens, notorious moonshiner famous for his Cherry Bounce; and maybe, if a certain theory is true, the real birthplace of our 16th President, Abraham Lincoln.


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