Poor Buster :(

​A dog got hit by some sort of work van right in front of me today. I saw it coming but there was nothing I could do to stop it. The POS van driver slowed down but kept going, leaving the dog writhing in agony in the middle of the road. I grabbed a blanket from the back of my van, the dog was up but dazed and wandering around the road, bleeding badly from his mouth and head. I wrapped the blanket around him and coaxed him off the side of the road into someone’s yard. A guy was jogging nearby and he called the number on the dogs tags, since I had forgotten to grab my phone. By this time the dog was moaning and shaking so I sat next to him and loved on him, poor guy was in agony but he was going to feel loved because that was all I could do for him. The owner showed up in a few minutes but it felt like a year. We got him loaded in her car and she took off for the vet. I am still shaken, can’t get the picture of him going under the wheels out of my head, or his pitiful, painful howling and groaning. I’m going to call them tomorrow and see if he made it. Shame on you, van driver, I wish I could remember the company on your van. I would make sure they knew what a piece of crap they have for an employee.


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