The Hooligans Are Learning (And So Are We!)

It is a beautiful January day and all eight of us have cabin fever so it’s time for a walk. 

One of the things we have struggled with while training the dogs for travel is getting them in and out of the van in a calm, orderly fashion. They are so excited that they all want to bolt out of the door no matter where we are, which is not so much an issue when we get home but a real problem when we get to the park or wherever it is we are taking them. 

One of the reasons we like the Purple Martin Greenway is the parking area is away from the road and there is rarely anyone else there so if we have a van-break there isn’t much danger of anyone getting frightened by the dogs or the dogs getting hurt. Today we did pretty well, only MJ really acted up and Sarah kept trying to lunge past me while I was trying to hook her lead but we never reached the level of frustration we usually do. 

They are getting the hang of walking in threes too, we didn’t have many leash tangles or wrap-arounds. These kids are learning, making our walks even more enjoyable.


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