Pizza at Midnight

As I sit here after a night shift at work, watching reruns of Cybill on LaffTV, digging into the last slice of my leftover pizza from Louie’s Italian Café, I feel compelled to talk about this delightful little restaurant in Forest City, NC. After living in a town without a decent Italian place (option? Pizza Hut or Pizza Inn?) I am happy to say there are three independently owned Italian restaurants in the Tri-City area. The first on my list is Louie’s, a true hole-in-the-wall place in Forest City with less than 15 tables and cute, kitschy Italian themed decor. 

They also have decent pizza. I have been here before, my mom and I split the Antipasto Salad and a veggie calzone a few months ago. I don’t care for the lettuce they choose to use for their salads, it seems to be chosen for color and durability rather than taste or texture as it’s a pleasant bright, deep green leaf that looks great but tastes and feels like one is chewing on a straw hat . They also rely heavily on thin sliced red onion as a garnish. The potato salad and tuna salad that accompany the Antipasto Salad are delicious, as was the calzone itself, stuffed with fresh vegetables and plenty of cheese. 

Back to the pizza. My mother and 3 year old niece had joined me for lunch and the kid was starving so we ordered her a slice of cheese pizza, which arrived in minutes and was pleasantly large and satisfactorily cheesy. 

Mom and I decided to go with a medium pepperoni thin crust so I could take home a couple of slices for Dennis. It was delicious and a very sizeable medium, so large that I ended up taking home three slices, one of which Dennis was thoughtful enough to leave for me which is how I am sitting here now, in the wee hours, ruminating about Italian tomato pies.

Unfortunately, I was so hungry I neglected to take a picture of the pizza after it was delivered to our table, so here are the three huge slices I took home.

Louie’s Cafe

235 S Powell St, Forest City, NC 28043

(828) 247-9009



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